Label Printers


We supply ARGOX bar code printers.

These serve many purposes - Transaction receipts,  health care patient tracking labels, Asset management,  transportation labeling, distribution labeling, manufacturing tracking, fabric labeling etc.

Printers  that print Direct Thermal / Thermal Transfer

Resolution 203 / 300 dpi

Printers of various widths

Printers that are compatible with various printer languages.

Industrial range

G 6000


Built-in LCD display, 2 MB flash memory, PS2 interface for your PC keyboard provides the essential structure for Plug and Play stand-alone operation. 


Perfectly designed metal case resists rough treatment, heat, and dust, and ensures continuous quality operation, even in the most demanding environments. Superior historical control enhances high printing quality, and is perfect for printing of barcode and small alphanumerics. The G6000 is simple to operate and it is easy for the user to perform adjustments and maintenance.

X 3200E


The X-3200 industrial bar code printer features 300dpi printing for high quality text and graphics on fabric labels, safety labels and labels for small items such as jewelry. The heavy duty X-3200 is capable of 5ips print speed using its 32-bit RISC microprocessor. The 8MB Flash and 16MB DRAM on board memory facilitates high quality printing. An internal RTC lets you print time and dates on labels. RS-232, parallel, USB and optional Ethernet (X-3200E) interfaces allow easy plug-and-play integration with your current system. For stand-alone operation the X-3200 has a standard PS/2 interface for connecting an input device such as a keyboard or scanner, as well as a multilingual LCD display for convenient installation, configuration, and operation. The X-3200 and X-3200E printers provide outstanding value as it delivers industrial strength high quality printing for a wide range of labels.

X 2300


Argox X 2300 Industrial DT/TT Printer, 4” Wide, Metal Case, 6 IPS print speed, 203 dpi, USB, Serial & Parallel. PPLA. PPLB and PPLZ emulations available.A full-function front panel with a multilingual LCD display simplifies installation, configuration, and operation—no PC is required, making this a true "stand-alone" operation printer. 

X 1000V


There are three firmware versions available: PPLA which provides Datamax bar code printers compatibility, PPLB for Eltron command language and PPLZ for compatibility with Zebra bar code label printers. 

Value - reliable range

OS 214plus


Its attractive and stylish design is just one of several new features and advanced functions. The significantly larger on-board memory increases print capability for producing a wider range of label applications.


A full-speed USB 2.0 interface adds flexibility for use with any of today's notebook and other computers. Its space-saving design offers the same small footprint and lightweight as previous models for easy and convenient placement. The new OS-214plus maintains Argox's leading position as the industry standard for style, price and performance.

OS 2140D


Its user-friendly and compact design make it simple to set up, operate and maintain. No special operator training is required to install and reload media or to create labels.


Besides being easy to use, the OS-204DT is built to last. A tough, high-impact ABS housing with an all-metal print mechanism ensures years of operation with superior print quality. The clam-shell design allows the user full access to the printer interior for quick media loading and easy print head cleaning.

OS 2130D


OS-2130D comes complete with Bartender, the powerful label design software that allows you to design barcode labels within minutes. In addition, it supports both PPLA and PPLB programming languages for compatibility with other printers. 


Designed with the most recent advanced technology, this printer features a built-in tear-bar and that is easily reconfigured. You buy only the features your current application requires, with the assurance that the printer can also accommodate your future business needs.

Value - reliable range

Performance range

A 3140


Printing up to a rapid four inches per second, the A-3140 has a 32-bit microprocessor, as well as 8Mb flash and 8Mb DRAM internal memory for high print quality. Easily integrating with your current system, the A-3140 connects through standard serial ports and a USB interface.


You can load a maximum 5" OD media roll and a see-through window lets you see when it's time to reload. Four auto-calibration modes and reflective and transmissive sensors handle a broad range of media for printing up to 50-inches in length. Bar code support includes 1D/GS1 Data bar, 2D/Composite codes and QR bar codes. For high quality printing, the user-friendly A-3140 provides outstanding and cost-effective performance.

A 2240


Rapid printing performance of up to 5-inches per second relies on a 32-bit microprocessor and built-in 4MB flash and 8Mb DRAM memory. Offering flexible connectivity with standard serial ports, and a USB interface, this printer is easy to integrate with existing systems.


The printer offers and additional fixed transmissive sensor for tag applications such as used by the apparel industry. It also supports 1D/GS1 Data bar, 2D/Composite codes and QR bar codes. The A-2240 is an easy-to-use entry-level printer that delivers exceptional value.

CP 3140


The CP-3140 compact desktop printer offers 300dpi resolution and larger memory for high quality printing. The high print resolution is perfect for producing text and graphics for applications such as clothing labels, photos on hospital I.D. bracelets, and labels for small retail items such as jewelry.

The CP-3140 holds a 300 metre long ribbon for large printing demands and for less frequent ribbon changes. Loading media and ribbons is quick and easy. A paper sensor system

supports diverse media and you can select ribbon ink-side in or ink-side out. Four auto calibration modes deliver more precise printing. The printer provides multiple communication interfaces including parallel, RS-232, and USB ports. The CP-3140 prints at a speed of 4ips and onto media of up to 50-inches in length. Standard memory includes 8MB Flash and 8MB SDRAM. The printer’s modular design simplifies maintenance.

CP 2140 ***NEW ***


The compact CP-2140 desktop printer not only saves space, it lets you install a large 300 metre long ribbon for bigger printing demands. Ribbons and media are easy to load, and you can select for ribbon ink-side in or ink-side out. A media sensor system delivers greater flexibility for diverse media and applications. A head-open switch initiates auto-calibration for more precise printing. Multiple communication interfaces include parallel(CP-2140), RS-232, USB, and optional Ethernet(CP-2140E).

The CP-2140 prints at 203dpi resolution and a speed of 4ips. Standard memory includes 4MB Flash and 8MB SDRAM. The printer has a modular design for easy maintenance, and printing noise is minimal. You can use the CP-2140 as a standalone printer by adding the Argokee keyboard, and a scanner.

With the CP-2140 you get the convenience of a small size printer with the functions of a large printer and at a more competitive cost. It’s the perfect printer for applications such as clothing tags, self-labeling, mailing, retail, shipping & receiving, inventory and patient tracking. The new CP-2140 and CP-2140E printers continues Argox’s leading position in innovation, price, and performance.

Label Rewinder

T 10 / T 20


The T 10 / T 20 rewinder has an idler arm that can be positioned to rewind labels from either side of the printer. Depending on the user’s requirements, the T10 / T 20 can rewind "inside or outside" label rolls.


Can be used with all printers.

Paper width up to 4.72" (120 mm) - T 20 also available supports wider 7' (178 mm) pper width. 

Supports inside and outside label rewinding.

Stylish appearance plus a rugged design for long term reliability

Colored LED indicator provides rewinder operation status

Support three Core Size: 1” (25.2 mm – 25.6 mm), 1.5” (40 mm – 40.6 mm) and 3" (76 mm – 76.6 mm); Core and coreless kits included.